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Yacht Charter

Turkish Sunset


Yacht Charters in Turkey

The ULTIMATE in travel, chartering a yacht on the coast of Turkey offers the traveler the incredible experience of sailing through history.

Sail boats and motor yachts are readily available, but the most popular boats are the traditional motor-sailing yachts known as a Gulet. These indigenous wooden boats, once used for fishing, sponge diving and cargo in the Eastern Mediterranean, have been updated with first class accommodations and electronic navigation equipment giving the guests luxury with attentive personal service.

As you sail along the coast you will visit not only exquisite archaeological sites, but small villages and beautiful coves and bays, some of which are only accessible by boat. The natural beauty of this coast is some of the most enchanting in the world.

While we at Adventure Travel have been sailing on the gulets for over 30 years, we do have a favorite, the Asfiye. This gulet has been carefully decorated and updated and instead of taking large groups, the owner has modified the boat to have only four cabins accommodating eight passengers.

All cabins have private baths, flat screen TV/DVD and are air conditioned.

Let Adventure Travel help you arrange an unforgettable sailing holiday on the Turquoise Coast of Turkey. We can make all of your arrangements, from air travel to transfers, as well as sightseeing both before and after you cruise.

This is the perfect vacation for a family or group of friends.

Call us at 843.364.0363 to find out the details.


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