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Scuba Diving view of fish


Scuba Diving Around the World

Adventure Travelís associate, Cindy Harris, has been a scuba instructor for over 20 years. She has created and led all inclusive diving and water tours since 1990. Cindy has dived all over the world, including Micronesia, Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Hawaii, Europe, Egypt, the Red Sea, Canary Islands, Kenya, Borneo and the United States.

Scuba diving has become one of the fastest growing outdoor adventures. Whether it is swimming around coral reefs to view the fascinating flora and fish life, exploring old ship wrecks or ancient archeological sites, scuba divers are passionate about their sport. Under water cameras have added another dimension to diving.

Cindy can customize tours for 1 to 20 people, including all air and hotels, and can add kayaking and fishing to your scuba adventure. Let her expertise help you to arrange a SCUBA Diving trip that is geared to your needs and abilities.

Call Cindy at 1-888-280-8030 or email cindy@travelndive.com



Scuba Diving view

Scuba Diving