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Ankgor Thom

Standing Buddha in Burma


Exotic…Beguiling…Captivating… Tasty. And Adventure Travel knows it well.

Need we say more? We will, of course, because Asia has been calling us for years and we have responded.

In the Far East we have traveled to Bali, Bhutan, Burma (and yes, we know it is now Myanmar), Cambodia, India, Japan, Korea, Nepal, Singapore, Sulawesi, and Thailand.

In the Near East we have been intrigued by our journeys to Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and of course our beloved Turkey.

Can we name a favorite? It would be impossible. We have memories of trekking the Annapurna Circuit, above the clouds with the majestic Himalayas soaring above, which will live with us forever. And walking through Balinese rice paddies in the early dawn, scuba diving on the Banaken Reef in Sulawesi, and listening to scores of muezzins calling the faithful to prayer in Damascus.

We cannot forget the pleasure of floating through history on our private gulet on the Turkish coast, or riding elephants in India.

Let us help you create your precious memories of the exotic east.

Burma - Rangoon Yangoon



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