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Who Are We?

Premier Charleston South Carolina Travel Agency

Adventure Travel, owned by Patricia Dwight, is one of the oldest travel agencies in the Carolina Low Country. Founded in 1972, its agents have a combined total of over 150 years of experience in planning exciting travel for its clients. Our agents have lived in Portugal, Switzerland, Turkey, Israel and Guam, have traveled around the world several times, visited every continent, and cruised the oceans, seas, rivers and canals of the world. They have led groups to Europe, Asia, the Near East and South American, to such diverse places as Burma and Switzerland, Nepal and Syria, London and Rio.

Contacts have been established in many of these places for ease in making arrangements directly for its clients. In addition to their personal experiences, Adventure's agents have studied, taken courses and attended countless seminars to enhance their knowledge. Because of this, each one of Adventure Travel's agents can put together memorable private trips to any destination in the world. So if you are looking for a travel agency in Charleston, South Carolina that has in depth knowledge and can help you, choose from one of our agents below.

Patricia Dwight has been named one of the top experts in the U.S. on travel to Turkey and Indonesia. But while she works extensively with those two countries, she is also knowledgeable about travel to Europe and Asia.

We've Been Where You're Going!

Luxury Travel

Adventure Travel still does customized, luxury travel with chauffeurs and private guides all over the world. We know the very best hotels, the best seasons and where to go for the best lodging, even in remote places. Private luxury homes, private safaris, luxury yachts. Just imagine your dream trip and we will make all of the arrangements, using our exclusive contacts around the globe.


Our passion for Turkey has lasted more than 40 years, living there and visiting every year. Let our Turkish experts plan a fascinating, private trip for you. We can charter the best yachts, arrange for private guides and transfers, and reserve every type of hotel from picturesque to luxurious. Your travel will be enhanced by local experts, such as our archaeologist in Ephesus, who will give you an intimate look at Turkey's unparalleled culture.

Let us prepare an unforgettable, customized tour to a land with over 10,000 years of history.